Automatisation de laboratoire, Manipulation de graines et semences, test de germination,extraction ADN, SNP genotyping, génotypage SNP, extraction ADN
Automatisation de laboratoire, Manipulation de graines et semences, test de germination,extraction ADN, SNP genotyping, génotypage SNP, extraction ADN    

PurePrep Nucleic Acid Purification System : PurePrep 96

Auto-Pure 24/48/96 nucleic acid purification instrument is a newly
launched automatic extraction and purification system for DNA/RNA,
proteins and cells.

It can absorb, transfer and release magnetic beads by magnetic rod and magnetic rod sleeve to separate magnetic beads and samples. The operation is automatic, fast and simple.

Users can extract 1~24, 1~48 or 1~96 samples simultaneously with special kits. Auto pure series can extract samples of animal/plant tissue, blood and
body fluids, etc. with different kinds of magnetic bead nucleic acid
extraction reagents. It is mainly used for the extraction and purification
of nucleic acid from human body samples.