Automatisation de laboratoire, Manipulation de graines et semences, test de germination,extraction ADN, SNP genotyping, génotypage SNP, extraction ADN
Automatisation de laboratoire, Manipulation de graines et semences, test de germination,extraction ADN, SNP genotyping, génotypage SNP, extraction ADN    

ProbeSure Genotyping Mastermix

ProbeSure™ Genotyping Master Mix is our TaqMan® Master Mix alternative

– compatible with existing TaqMan® assays and protocols

ProbeSure™ Genotyping Master Mix is designed for use with 5’ nuclease assays and is suitable for use with TaqMan™, BHQ®, BHQplus®, Zen™ probes. 
Why use ProbeSure™?
ProbeSure™ Genotyping Master Mix has been carefully optimised to work over a wide dynamic range of reaction volumes and sample template qualities. ProbeSure™ Genotyping Master Mix combines class-leading performance with the most competitive prices in the market.
ProbeSure-IR™ Genotyping Master Mix is a version of ProbeSure™ Genotyping Master Mix, formulated to neutralise the effect of PCR inhibitors in crude DNA extractions.
Why use ProbeSure-IR™?
ProbeSure-IR™ is designed specifically for use where high residual levels of inhibitors in the DNA samples are adversely affecting the PCR.
ProbeSure™ Multiplex Genotyping Master Mix is a version of ProbeSure™ Genotyping Master Mix, formulated to enable users to analyse up to four targets in one reaction well :
  • two SNPs, or
  • one reference gene and a further three events of interest
Why use ProbeSure Multiplex?
By running multiple tests in a single well, you can half the cost of plastics, significantly reduce labour time and increase throughput.