FastFinder Genotyper

FastFinder Genotyper is smart end-point genotyping analysis software. Whether you run studies for animal breeding or crop science, Genotyper will allow you to scale up: number-crunch the results, slash eyes-on time on cluster calling, and organize your lab’s plates, runs and studies.

Genotyper uses AI to accelerate genotyping analysis workflows and improve interpretation speed and quality.



FastFinder qPCR


FastFinder Analysis takes any qPCR test in your menu and bolts on data analysis and interpretation support. Compatible with any qPCR device, it enables you to move from raw cycler data into actionable & standardized results. 

FastFinder Analysis gets you fast, reliable, reproducible results - whether for amplification and melting curves; for single or multiplexed assays; for straightforward assays or for those with the most complex, demanding interpretation logic.