DT-24 High-Throughput PCR System :                30 plates in the same run

Kbiosystems Thermal cycler automated systems offer the ideal solution to high throughput of single cycle PCR automation laboratories require for a reliable, consistent plate and tube yields.


kbiosystems DT-24 Thermal Cycling PCR system is an alternative way of carrying out medium throughput PCR protocols on DNA replication and incubation to micro well format plates.


Conventionally peltier heat transfer units have been used to carry out these operations, these however can prove costly to increase productivity throughput and do not optimise the yield potential of carrying out such thermal operations.


kbiosystems DT range use a three tank water bath system to create the desired temperatures for all steps of the PCR process, our patented compression basket system allows the use of 96 well 384 well and even 1536 well PCR plates to be cycled without changing the basket or modifying the heater blocks as is currently required in peltier units.


We use plate holders to maintain pressure and as a side effect of this we have found that once cycled the plates also remain flat for improved post PCR operations. The compression basket also allows the use of adhesive or easily removable seal for multiplex type operations.


Reduced Energy used by the systems


Cost of system change over between varying plates


Area footprint of system



Increased yield of post PCR product


Decreased cycle times