PACE™ (PCR Allelic Competitive Extension) genotyping chemistry is a homogeneous, PCR-based allele-specific technology for the analysis of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) and insertion / deletions (indels).


The PACE™ genotyping chemistry is comprised of two parts:


1. SNP-specific assay mix; comprising two allele-specific forward primers and one common, reverse primer.

2. Universal PACE™ Genotyping Master Mix; containing all components required for PCR and generation of fluorescent signals.


When combined and mixed with template DNA, these components create a PACE™ genotyping reaction.



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All PACE™ versions


PACE™ Master Mix is a universal master mix designed for use with allele-specific assays

PACE™ 2.0

PACE™ 2.0 Master Mix is a version of PACE™, formulated to neutralise the effect of PCR inhibitors in crude DNA extractions, increasing performance with increase signal to noise ratio and enables users to follow reactions in real time.


PACE™ Multiplex Master Mix is an enhanced version of PACE™ Master Mix, formulated to enable users to analyse up to four targets in one reaction well : 

2 SNPs, or 1 reference gene and a further three events of interest


PACE OneStep RT-PCR™ Master Mix is a universal master mix designed for use with allele-specific assays, including Reverse Transcriptase step