ProbeSure™ Genotyping Mastermix

compatible with existing Taqman / BHQ / BHQplus / Zen probes

ProbeSure™ all versions



ProbeSure™ Genotyping Master Mix is designed for use with 5’ nuclease assays and is suitable for use with TaqMan™, BHQ®, BHQplus®, Zen™ probes. 


Why use ProbeSure™?

ProbeSure™ Genotyping Master Mix has been carefully optimised to work over a wide dynamic range of reaction volumes and sample template qualities. ProbeSure™ Genotyping Master Mix combines class-leading performance with the most competitive prices in the market.



ProbeSure™ Multiplex Genotyping Master Mix is a version of ProbeSure™ Genotyping Master Mix, formulated to enable users to analyse up to four targets in one reaction well :


two SNPs, or
one reference gene and a further three events of interest


Why use ProbeSure Multiplex?

By running multiple tests in a single well, you can half the cost of plastics, significantly reduce labour time and increase throughput.