Standalone Phenotyping Platform


Compact  and Efficient Analysis for Precise Plant Research our Standalone Phenotyping Platform is a compact and efficient solution for analyzing the morphological traits of individual plants.





It allows for manual insertion of plants, making it an ideal choice for semi-automated experiments or research setups with limited space. With the ability to collect detailed data on a specific plant or group of plant, our platform is perfect for researchers looking for a targeted and precise phenotyping solution.


Furthermore it also serves as an entry point for researchers looking to move toward high-throughput phenotyping. Whether you're just starting out or you're a seasoned researcher, our platform can helpyou take the next step in your research.


Our Standalone Phenotyping Platform offers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for analyzing plant traits. With its compact design and precise data collection capabilities, our platform is the perfect choice for researchers looking to take their research to the next level.